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Sell to more buyers and grow your manufacturing business

Create digital product catalogues within 5 minutes and share them with your buyers securely.

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Build product catalogues in less than 5 minutes

You and your team can quickly create a digital catalogue in just a few clicks using our smart filters. Download the catalogues in the form of Powerpoint and Excel sheet in seconds or simply use our beautiful online catalogue. It has never been easier!

Losing out on deals at trade fair? Never again!

Don’t wait till later to send an offer to your buyers. Quickly shortlist and design catalogues on the spot and mail them to the buyer right then and there!
Not just that, keep track of all the product catalogues sent to various buyers in one place.

Keep your products, designs and catalogues secure

Multi-level OTP verification to ensure optimum data security. Get notified about when and from where your e-catalogues get opened. You can track if your buyers are sharing your product catalogue with competitors.

Track buyer activity on every digital catalogue you share

Get detailed insights on your shared digital catalogues to read your customer’s mind. Find out what products they opened, for how long, and what they shortlisted. Use these insights to retarget buyers and boost your sales conversions.

Store every detail of your products, all in one place

Store every detail of your products, all in one place

No more time wasted in finding relevant product information such as costing, materials used, or vendors it was sourced from. With Sourcewiz, you can keep all your product information along with pictures in one place and update them anytime.

Carry unlimited products, wherever you go

Carry unlimited products, wherever you go

Do you carry around a hard disk when meeting buyers? Or, wait to be back at the office to create a catalog for their needs? Now you can access all of your products anytime, from anywhere, and showcase them to buyers. No need to carry 100s of physical samples anymore, carry a few to show quality and let Sourcewiz take care of the rest.

Effortless Onboarding

Worried about onboarding? We know it's hard to structure and upload your 1000s of existing SKUs on any platform. We've got you covered! We will organise all your products and give you a fully functional platform in just a few days.

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What our customers are saying about us?

" This has made my life stress free "

I am sending thrice the number of catalogues. Best part is the team, they are so helpful. Call them for an issue, it's resolved immediately.

Himanshu Sharma

Merchant, Sangat Overseas, Panipat

"Sourcewiz is the best platform for me"

We tested the product on many scenarios and it is by far the simplest and most powerful platform to use. Hats off to the team!


Merchant, Seet Kamal International, Jaipur

"It was so easy to get started"

What used to take days now takes minutes. Moreover, the team onboarded more than 10K samples for us, they make it so simple.

Monish Ansari

Owner, Orient Hometex, Panipat

"I have so much more peace of mind"

It gives me peace of mind to know my samples are secure. I have my products wherever I go, without carrying hard disks.


Owner, JR Exports, Panipat

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Sell to more buyers and grow your manufacturing business

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Sourcewiz is a SaaS platform built for manufacturers to grow their business. We are a B2B website for exporters to showcase their products in a better way and increase the revenue. Through our platform you can reach out to more buyers simultaneously and unlock your maximum growth. Build digital catalogs in simple and easy steps with our catalog maker software. You can create your own digital catalogs in less than 5 minutes. Our catalog maker software provides you with smart filters and enables you to download the catalogs in the form of powerpoint and excel sheets in no time. You can also carry 100000+ designs to trade fairs effortlessly. Our B2B website is built especially for exporters to help them understand why Sourcewiz is the best fitting solution available in the market. Create digital catalogs with the catalog maker software, store all the product information, track the buyer activities on your shared catalogs and simplify trade fair management with a single tool, under a single roof. Boost your sales, increase your revenue collection, decrease the time spent, sell to more buyers, digitize and automate your operations, and raise your overall business.