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5 Reasons to Choose a Startup Over Corporate Job

Can you imagine 1000% career growth in 2 years? You can when you join an early phase startup. Not only do you get to wear many fancy hats, you also get to work with a team which is passionate to build the future of an industry with you. Saakshi shares her past & current experiences at startups, and the 5 lessons you’ll only get while working at a Startup.

A small team, flat hierarchies, unpredictable work schedules, multitasking, and lively work culture, that's what defines a startup. Unlike giant organizations, where you're simply another cog in the machine, each employee in a startup is at the forefront of the business.

When you're on the outside looking in on the startup scene, it's tempting to generalize and believe stereotypes. While some people working at start-ups do wear thick-rimmed glasses and sip coffee all day, there are many talented people hidden behind the hipster façade.

Working in a startup gives you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Here are five lessons that can only be learned working at a startup:

1. You’ll learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Startup life is full of unpredictability and surprises. It's a thrilling experience to witness a company grow from nothing to something. Every achievement you make, no matter how great or small, is significant. Every small victory adds up. You learn to adapt, and as your character and viewpoint are broadened, you gain more character and perspective.

What sets Sourcewiz apart from the herd is the fact that even the founders play an equivalent role, and work as an employee of the company instead of just delegating work. Arun and Shrenivass are part of our CEO's office, and take care of responsibilities ranging from sales expansion, training, customer success, and onboarding, to whatever is the need of the hour.

2. You’ll become a guru at multi-tasking

There is never a notion of "that's not my job" in a startup. There aren't enough people to fill all positions or needs, so everyone pulls some extra weight. Every day brings things that need to get done. Things that would bring the company forward or boost your coworkers. It opens the door to more responsibilities and a broader area of work. It allows you to shine while also allowing you to learn.

The people in Sourcewiz team are passionate about what they do and always open to explore new responsibilities. They prioritize their work and personal life accordingly, and even work late hours without even being asked to. Aksharaa is the design head but she helps with marketing, PR endeavors, as well as employer branding.  

3. You’ll develop self-learning skills

To succeed at a startup, you need intellect and adaptability. You'll have to teach yourself the ropes and figure things out as you go. The self-learning abilities you get as a result will be extremely useful throughout your career. The path won’t be smooth sailing but it will teach you a lot about yourself and others around you.

At my previous startup, I got to experiment with HR responsibilities, vendor management, and legal documentation. By diving into unexplored waters and putting my hands into everything, I was able to understand the nitty-gritty of startups, as well as pick up new skills on my own. 

4. You’ll learn to adapt & overcome

The frequent ups and downs, as well as the juggling of responsibilities, will teach you to be adaptable. This is a key ability that is becoming more in demand because things are constantly changing and being ‘worked on’. Working in a startup environment, where things change on a daily basis, teaches you to accept and adapt to change rather than oppose it.

When certain things were impossible for me to achieve in my personal or work life, I used to get impatient. Sourcewiz taught me how to overcome that, I've learned how to manage difficult situations better and I enjoy the work that I do. 

5. You’ll learn to brainstorm unique ideas & solutions

Startups hire every person with care. A startup will not care about the chain of command, if you have an idea for something that needs improving, speak up. One of the best parts of being in an early phase startup is being a part of the core team that is made up of passionate people with a diverse set of skills and expertise. You will get the opportunity to work with highly experienced and brilliant founders who will guide you through the realities of entrepreneurship.

If you enjoy a fast-paced, changing workplace and aren't afraid to take on new duties. Or are enthusiastic about what you do and solve, you could be a good fit for startup culture. When making a decision, one must consider the benefits and drawbacks, but working in a startup has more positives than negatives.

A startup is a thrilling adventure. You're part of a team developing a new product, and the experience will teach you how to be self-sufficient, adaptable, and resourceful with limited resources. In reality, working at a startup may significantly improve both your professional and personal skills.

Author : Saakshi Bhartiya, HR Lead