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Forget Excel sheets and accelerate deal acceptance with easy-to-use online Quote maker and costing sheet template.

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Features at a glance

Ready-To-Use Costing Templates

Get Loadability, Material, Processing Costs

Customisable Quotation Tables

Automatic CBM Calculation

One-Click Image Insert in Excel

Downloadable in PDF & Excel Formats

How it works?

Create quotation online with Sourcewiz’s online quote maker

  • Enter Buyer details

  • Add products and edit details

  • Save & Download Quotation

Your Quote sheet is ready to be downloaded in PDF or Excel format!

Preparing cost sheet is now easier than ever

  • Select products and enter details in the Costing tab

  • Select from pre-made template or create a new template

  • Add margin percentage and currency

Costing is automatically calculated and ready to be downloaded as a QR Code.

What our customers are saying about us?


In more ways than one, Sourcewiz platform has been life-changing. Our business has grown exponentially. Now we can prepare 5 cost sheets in the same time which we would have taken to prepare one!

Nakul Soni

Vallabh Metal Inc, Moradabad, India

Real time saver

We realised we were spending 3-4 hours preparing a cost sheet for each product while juggling with n-number of sheets and tools. But now it's done in a minute with Sourcewiz’s costing sheet template.

Rahul Bafna

Sunwoodd Expo, Rajasthan

“Super easy formatting”

Before Sourcewiz, I wouldn’t have believed it if you told me that I don’t need to spend hours trying to fit product images in Excel sheets while preparing quote sheets. Life is easier with simple costing sheet templates & quick quotations.

Parth Goel

Parth Overseas, Moradabad, India

“Improved productivity”

The ability to manage all of the costing and quotation in one platform has improved my team’s daily productivity. This online quote maker with user-friendly quotation format is game-changing!

Monish Ansari

Orient Hometex, Panipat

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