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Use our smart filters or use the search box to find & select relevant products for a catalogue

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Customize your the Price, MOQ, quantity, description and other attributes for a particular buyer

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Download your catalogue in Excel, Powerpoint, Pdf. You can also share the link for the e-catalogue with your buyer

Customize product information for every buyer

Customize product information for every buyer

Personalize every catalogue you create and share same products at different prices with different buyers. Keep track of all the catalogues and the prices sent to every buyer, in one place. You can share these catalogues as an Excel sheet, PDF, Powerpoint presentation or as an e catalogue.

Track buyer activity on every catalogue you share

Track buyer activity on every catalogue you share

Get detailed insights on your shared digital catalogues to read your customer’s mind. Find out what products they opened, for how long, and what they shortlisted. Use these insights to retarget buyers and boost your sales conversions.

Store every detail of your products, all in one place

Store every detail of your products, all in one place

No more time wasted in finding relevant product information such as costing, materials used, or vendors it was sourced from. With Sourcewiz, you can keep all your product information along with pictures in one place and update them anytime.

Carry unlimited products, wherever you go

Carry unlimited products, wherever you go

Do you carry around a hard disk when meeting buyers? Or, wait to be back at the office to create a catalog for their needs? Now you can access all of your products anytime, from anywhere, and showcase them to buyers. No need to carry 100s of physical samples anymore, carry a few to show quality and let Sourcewiz take care of the rest.

Effortless Onboarding

Worried about onboarding? We know it's hard to structure and upload your 1000s of existing designs on any platform. We've got you covered! We will organise all your products and give you a fully functional platform in just a few days.

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Trade Fair Assistant

70% of buyers close deals with the first manufacturer or exporter who sends their requested catalogue at trade shows. Are you still keeping your buyers waiting for your catalogues until after the trade fair?

Say goodbye to delays forever and share your product catalogs with buyers in 5 minutes, before they can even leave your stall.

What our customers are saying about us?

"I'm sending catalogues to buyers in 5 mins! "

I am sending thrice the number of catalogues. Best part is the team, they are so helpful. Reach out for an issue, it's resolved immediately.

Lena Anderson

Apparel Wholesaler in New Jersey, USA

"I can carry ALL my products to trade fairs"

I'm able to save on shipping costs by taking the most unique designs to the trade fair. I can carry the rest of my products and designs in my digital factory.

Naman Jain

Javi Home, Carpet manufacturer, Haryana, India

"It was so easy to get started"

What used to take days now takes minutes. Moreover, the team onboarded more than 10K samples for us, they make it so simple.

Monish Ansari

Home textile exporter, Panipat, India

"I have so much more peace of mind"

It gives me peace of mind to know my samples are secure. I have my products wherever I go, without carrying hard disks.


Carpet manufacturer, Panipat, India

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