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3 Killer Footwear Trends for 2022-23

As widely known and said, footwear is a growing market and the Asia-Pacific region is the key player in this market. Let’s look at the trends that footwear exporters should focus on for the upcoming seasons 2022-23.

1. Eco-Friendly Organic Footwear

In recent times, consumers are becoming concerned about sustainability.  They want to buy eco-friendly products; many big influencers are also advocating this. To grow in the footwear market, both men's and women's footwear manufacturers should consider improving advancements using low-impact materials and an ethical supply chain. Create investment-worthy styles that inspire longevity and extend product lifespan to increase resale and rental value, particularly for occasion wear.

The aim should be to show that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. Check out AERA, vegan shoe collection for more ideas, click here

Look at Woodland’s approach towards eco-friendly wear - click here 

Key Players in the Sustainable Footwear Market are: Adidas, Nike, Tropical feel, Native shoes, Rothy’s, Reformation, Threads 4 thought, Matisse Footwear, Amour Vert, Veja.

2. Sneakers - Jelly Sneaker Trend

Durig the Loewe’s spring 2022 presentation, Jonathan Anderson sent models down the runway in draped dresses and translucent trainers. And this led to the comeback of the 90’s style. Since then the introduction to the translucent footwear boomed. 

Of course, many athletic manufacturers, such as Nike and Adidas, are excited about the comeback of the sheer shoe. And we suggest, now is the time to start experimenting with all of the exciting spring trends, starting with the translucent trainers. 

3. Platform Heels

Expect (very) tall platforms that'll give you serious height, heels with the coolest geometric shapes and detailing, and even a sporty sandal comeback. There's a pair for just about everyone to love.

Footwear exported from India are:

  • Dress Shoes, 
  • Casuals, 
  • Moccasins, 
  • Sport Shoes, 
  • Horrachies, 
  • Sandals,
  • Ballerinas, 
  • Boots, 
  • Sandals and Chappals, made of rubber, plastic, P.V.C., and other materials.         

Now is the time for India to dominate the market on a further level. We have the resources and the rich heritage- From the simple padukas worn by priests in the 1st century to exquisite mojharis and juttis patronized by the Rajput to the popular Kolhapuri Chappals. The Footwear market is growing at a rapid stage. And the Asia-Pacific region is having a strong grip, since the global leaders in footwear production are China, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia. 

Author : Shalini Singh (Marketing Associate), Shreya Pandey