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4 Home Textile Trends Dominating The 2022-23 Export Market

When a consumer chooses a type of textile or interior for their bedroom or any corner of their house, they not only decide the textile but also set the tone and ambiance of that area. Therefore the next few minutes, we will give you a detailed introduction to the latest trends in home textile.

1. Abstract is the new cool 

People are looking for more abstract designs in recent years for their home textiles and it has become a major trend nowadays that you can't miss on as an exporter. More and more people are willing to try abstract home textiles for their homes because of the subtle excitement it adds to any space.

2. Simple and minimalist is the choice of the urban majority

People in urban areas are moving towards the simple and classic more in recent years because it gives them the much-needed breathing space. They want more room for their thoughts since the homes in cities are smaller and bold colors can make the house feel suffocating.

3. Revisiting your culture through home textiles

There is a lot of demand for home textiles and decoration that resonates with the roots of culturally-rich places. People are adopting home textiles articles as a way to re-connect with their culture, which is resulting in rise of this trend.

4. Decorate your home with the art that mesmerizes you

Art pieces or home textiles and palettes that resemble any form of art has also been in trend in recent years as it represents luxury, its demand is surprising and exceptional at the same time.

Summing it up if you are an exporter and you incorporate the trends mentioned above in your collection, there is a huge chance that you can make remarkable growth in the coming years as the global home textile market is expected to project a notable CAGR of 4.9% by 2030.  

Following the right trend is important because its the indicator of the customer's mood and how their choice is changing over time. As an exporter, there is a huge potential in the market for growth once you start following the trends and start capitalizing on them.

Author : Shalini Singh (Marketing Associate), Shreya Pandey