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5 Best Interactive Trade Show Booth Ideas

According to 48% of the exhibitors surveyed, a visually appealing booth is the most efficient way to attract people. The US exhibitors spend $24 billion every year on that. So in trade shows, your booth is the first important thing that grabs the visitors' attention.

Why are booths important?

Booths aren't only places where visitors may stand and be welcomed. It's a space where they can learn more about your business's mission and values. The success of your show hinges heavily on the way your display is put to use. Your export business needs interactive booths for the following reasons:

  • Your booth defines your brand. If you want to reach your business mission and values to your buyers, you must reflect that through your booths.
  • A trade show booth is where you communicate about your business and brand features. No matter how great your products are, a shabby booth would hardly attract visitors. 
  • Booths are where buyers are more likely to spend their time browsing through the products. Only an interactive booth can help you hook the buyers for a longer period.

To make a strong first impression, here are the top 5 ways to make your booth stand out.

1. Make your trade show booth a treat for the eyes

It is a no-brainer that your booth must be aesthetically pleasing to attract the audience. So, reflect on your brand colours while choosing the theme for the booth. Adding graphics, boarding is already old school. Instead of that, invest in the airspace and moving gears. Floating props, signs, and inflatable characters will create buzz among the attendees.

2. Host games to entertain buyers for longer

Adding fun games to your trade fair booth can help you to win your visitor’s heart. Visual games are definitely in nowadays. You can also arrange industry-related trivia and quiz shows, you can hire professional hosts or invite industry experts to execute them. Mini challenges and spinning wheel games are also exciting. Don't forget to have exciting prizes for the winners. You can get customise gifts here or Get custom tote bags here.

3. Give buyers a smart product viewing experience

You can show any product's details to buyers with a quick scan of its QR code. Having details of all your products digitally at your fingertips can help you quickly show products to buyers that match their specific requirements. Not only that, you can create customized catalogues within 5 mins and send it to the buyer's inbox before they can even leave your stall. Contact us to become a smart exhibitor with Sourcewiz and impress buyers at trade fairs with easy-to-scan product QR codes.

4. Get free social media marketing through visitors

People enjoy clicking pictures and sharing them online. Don't overlook this small behavior of visitors at exhibitions and events because this can mean some free social media marketing for your business. An Instagram-worthy stand-in cutout or selfie stand can attract a lot of visitors. Customize the stands with your logo for branding purposes. If you have any brand tagline or mission statement, you can add it there as well and let visitors take pictures and tag your business online.

5. Treat the buyers with unforgettable hospitality

Serving food and beverages is part of our tradition. Staying true to our roots, give your buyers a homey feel and please them with snacks and beverages. You can choose to keep a small section for snacks or a small vending machine can be a great addition too. 

Advance Tips to Enhance The Booth's Ambiance

  • Your booth location plays a huge role. So make sure your booth is located near the main entrance and not far away from the concession stand.
  • Plan your booth activities strategically. Otherwise, it will divert the visitor's attention.
  • If you want buyers to stay at your booth longer, give them space. Try not to block the booths with unnecessary stuff.

Making your booth interactive at the trade shows is not an option rather necessary to market your export business. Conquer trade shows with Sourcewiz. Digitize your factory and carry it with you on a laptop. Give your buyers a superior product viewing experience and enjoy unbeatable ease in carrying all your products & designs. Get your free demo by clicking here.

Author: Shalini Singh (Marketing Associate), Moumita Roy