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5 Trend Forecasting Websites For Apparel Exports

Trend forecasting is a billion-dollar business, it predicts what style, fabric, silhouettes, will be popular for every season. It can help you plan ahead of the market for better sales, you can make sure you provide your customers with what they actually want to establish yourselves in the industry. 

In today’s era, it has become a prerequisite condition to have knowledge of your competitors in order to stay on top and excel in your business. To stay up to date about market changes and upcoming new trends, here is a list of trend forecasting websites Apparel exporters should know. 

1) Women's Wear Daily (WWD)

Website URL- https://wwd.com

WWD is an apparel industry trade journal/magazine often referred to as the "Bible of fashion." It provides information on new trends or news in this industry. 

It is mainly read by retailers, designers, manufacturers, marketers, exporters, financers, media executives, ad agencies, and trend makers.


Website URL- https://www.wgsn.com/en 

WGSN is a trend forecasting company for the apparel sector. Its parent company is "Ascential." WGSN was founded in 1998 in west London by two brothers, Julian and Marc Worth. WGSN helps companies anticipate their consumer needs and adapt to their future strategy to make confident decisions. 

3) Henry Doneger Associates Inc. (The Doneger group)

Website URL- https://www.donegertobe.com/

The Doneger group operates as a source of marketing trends and merchandising strategies for the apparel industry. It offers analysis and direction for business planning and reviews the market in the design, development, and merchandising processes.

4) Vanity Fair

Website URL- vanityfair.com

Vanity fair is a magazine (monthly) forecasting popular culture, fashion, and current affairs of the apparel industry. It was first published in 1913, and the first edition was published from 1913 to 1936. The current edition was first published in 1983 and is available today.

5) Fashion Snoops

Website URL- fashionsnoops.com

Fashion snoops is a trend forecasting agency. They provide services to fashion, accessories, home decor, beauty, media, marketing, and other consumer-facing industries. They research macro trends and cultural shifts. 

Keeping up with these forecasting websites can boost your business and will keep you updated with all the upcoming new market trends, market changes, market needs and market demands. To stay on top of the digital export movement & grow your business, claim your free demo at Sourcewiz : Contact us now

Author: Shalini Singh (Marketing Associate)