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5 Handicrafts Export Trend Forecasting Websites

In today’s competitive market it has become a most important condition to have a knowledge of your competitors in order to stay on top and excel in your export business. Trend forecasting websites not only predict the latest trends but give a brief idea about upcoming market demands. 

1) Made Urban

Website URL- madeurban.com

Made Urban is a trend forecasting website in which the admin collects data from various sources and then writes blogs about the trends in the handicrafts industry. analyzes how changes in technology and culture will consumers' buying decisions.

2) Vanity Fair

Website URL- vanityfair.com

Vanity fair is a magazine (monthly) forecasting popular culture, fashion, and current affairs. They cover upcoming trends for handicrafts. It was first published in 1913, and the first edition was published from 1913 to 1936. The current edition was first published in 1983 and is available today.

3) Allied Market Research (AMR)

Website URL- alliedmarketresearch.com

AMR is a market research and trend forecasting company. Its parent company is Allied Analytics LLP. It provides insights and market research reports and forecasting news to large and small enterprises. It also provides data collection and Investment advice.


Website URL- csilmilano.com

The CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies is an independent research and consultancy firm based in Milan, Italy. Since its origin, CSIL has been set up as a center of excellence concentrating on the diagnosis and design of area strategies each for the private and non-private sectors and analyzing competitiveness at local, country-wide, and global stages.

5) Forecast pro

Website URL- forecastpro.com

Founded in 1986, Business Forecast Systems, Inc. (BFS) is the maker of Forecast Pro, the main software program answer for commercial enterprise forecasting, and is a most beneficial forecasting provider. With more than 40,000 users worldwide, Forecast Pro enables thousands of companies to improve making plans, cut inventory charges, and reduce stockouts with the aid of improving the accuracy of their forecasts.

Keeping up with these forecasting websites can boost your handicrafts export business by updating you about all the new market trends, changes, needs and market demands. To stay on top of the digital export movement & grow your business, claim your free demo at Sourcewiz : Contact us now

Author: Shalini Singh (Marketing Associate)