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5 Killer Benefits of Digital Marketing For Export Business - Target Buyers Like Never Before

One of the key questions an importer asks themselves from time to time is whether the firm is reliable to work with or not. Can we trust this exporter to fulfill all my demands? What's the proof it's not a scam? This is where digital marketing enters the picture. It allows you to establish a brand and project a professional image to attract potential customers. It helps you gain credibility by adding testimonials, reviews, case studies, free resources, phone numbers, local directories, and other social media details on your website. 

How can you leverage Digital Marketing as an Exporter?

1. Digital Marketing Automation Helps Save Time

Every year exporters visit trade fairs and make hundreds of connections with potential buyers, but with how many do you actually follow up? It can get hectic to send hundreds of mail, this is where automation kicks in. All you need to do is import a CSV file with the collected contacts and schedule emails. You can also send a pre-assigned mail when someone fills in the info on your landing page.

2. Social Media Marketing For Digital Branding

Social media marketing mainly includes improving your brand image and promoting yourself on platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Facebook has over 300+ Export-Import related groups with high posting activity. On the other hand, LinkedIn has relatively minimal competition because only a few export companies fully utilize the expanded LinkedIn toolset.

3. Steal Your Competitor's Market+Followers

LinkedIn is emerging as the top platform for exporters and importers to connect. So getting a grip on LinkedIn marketing should be an exporter's utmost priority. You can connect with importers and with the help of Email-marketing tools like Mailchimp, you can send email marketing campaigns to them. One can also take the help of tools like Phantombuster to collect data. You can read our article: LinkedIn tools for export sales success to find all the active Export Import groups on LinkedIn

4. Keeping Your Existing Buyers Close

Digital marketing virtually reduces the distance between you and your existing buyers and helps you maintain a good relationship with them. You can keep an eye on your buyer's social media profiles to understand more about their interest. You can target only that particular demographic and buyer persona when you run an ad.

5. Gain Insights Into Your Competitor's Marketing Strategies

Learning about the strategies used by other successful exporters in your domain and replicating them can also help you boost your sales and marketing efforts. You can get help from a digital marketer to get the inside scoop on your competitor's website traffic overview, branding, major SEO keywords, organic search data, etc.

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Authors: Shalini Singh (Marketing Associate), Shreya Pandey