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5 Proven Ways to Successfully Stand Out at Export Exhibitions

It takes an average of 4.5 sales calls to close sales with a lead acquired outside of trade shows, and only 3.5 sales calls to close a lead from an exhibition. That is why, even after the pandemic, trade shows and exhibitions are highly sought after by all exporters. Only in the US, around 13000 trade shows are organised. With the massive footfall of buyers and exhibitors alike, standing out in the crowd is not child's play.

Exhibiting at trade shows needs investment- both of your money and time. But there are some non-negotiable benefits of attending trade shows. While there are other strategies to find buyers for your export business, trade exhibitions offer you an opportunity to directly meet potential customers and network. Exhibitions are a great place to understand your market and observe your competitors. It also allows you to receive instant feedback from target buyers.

To make the best out of your investment, here are 5 proven ways you can stand out and exhibit successfully -

1. Plan ahead to go ahead!

If you want to stand out at the exhibition, make sure you plan everything out beforehand. 22% of businesses prepare two to four months before the trade show.

Not everyone can be your buyer, so filter out unnecessary targets. Once you know who your buyers are, list down your products that would attract said buyers.

Choose your best products to bring to trade shows, and the ones that don't make the cut can always be stored in a cloud storage system to go with you (digitally). Product management systems tailored specifically for exporters can let you carry all of your product designs with you wherever you go, allowing you to carry all of your products digitally in your pockets.

2. Let buyers find you at trade shows

After you've received your stall number, make it easy for buyers to find you. You should begin sending personalised invitations to your social networks. Make an announcement on your website. Use your newsletter to spread the word. Inform folks in your existing network that you will be attending the upcoming trade show and where they can find you. When interested people know where to find you at the event, they'll beeline to your stall among the crowd of other exhibitors.

3. Grab the attention at your booth with QR Codes

Your stall must make a strong first impression. Everyone uses designs, banners, photo-ops, and televisions. However, you must do something new to make an impression on your buyers. Place easy-to-scan QR codes on your displayed products and scan them to show product details to buyers. Give buyers a smart product viewing experience with Sourcewiz and keep track of each product the buyer shows interest in.

The QR code feature can not only help you stand out but also helps your team by reducing the need to memorize each product's details. They can scan countless products and know which product was scanned for which buyer, while automatically storing each buyers' details on the platform.

4. Match your actions with promises to buyers

When a conversation with a buyer goes well and they ask you to share your designs, do you wait till the end of the trade show to send them?

Be proactive in sharing the requested designs to the buyer’s inbox, even before they make it to the next stall. There are online catalog maker tools designed for boosting export sales and marketing efforts. You can use an online catalog tool to create & share your catalogue via email. 

In 3 simple steps, you can make a catalogue in under 2 minutes using Sourcewiz

  • Sort through 1000+ designs within seconds
  • Shortlist according to the buyer's needs
  • Generate and send customised catalogues in 4+ formats to buyers (PPT, Excel, PDF, digital catalogue)

You can also track the buyer's activity on the catalogues, know what they are looking for, from which location they are accessing, etc.

5. Giveaways and promotional products for buyers

The best way to excite attendees at trade shows are giveaways and promotional merchandise. Let your buyers take a piece of your business to their home. Make sure to choose the giveaway products wisely. You can consider e-products like ebooks and white papers or physical products like notepads and coffee cups. You can also invite visitors to submit their feedback, opinions, questions or queries on touch-screen installations. Be a gracious host and offer food and refreshments to the visitors.

Trade shows and exhibitions are one of the most effective ways of export marketing. To make the most of them, choose a suitable trade show booth activity idea for your export business. Create motion, excitement, and engagement that brings in more visitors and generates greater results at trade shows. Apart from generating leads, trade shows can help you measure the strength of your export business and that of your competitors. The above-mentioned tips can help you in successfully exhibiting at the upcoming trade shows.

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Authors : Shalini Singh (Marketing Associate), Moumita Roy