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Best Business Translation Services for Export-Import Business

If you're planning to start a business or already have one, you're probably aware of the difficulties associated with paperwork, laws, cultural differences, and language barriers. That is why you need localization and translation services in your company. You must engage with an experienced corporate language translation who can assist you in your quest to flourish in the international market with the assistance of their services.

Affordable Service Providers

  • Translate.com 
  • BURG Translations
  • JR Language Translation Services
  • Rapport International LLC

Premium Service Providers

  • TrueLanguage
  • Global Communication Solutions 
  • Trusted Translations, Inc 
  • Tomedes 
  • Dynamic Language

Affordable Service Providers

1. Translate.com 

For almost two decades, Translate.com has been providing business document translation services in more than 60 languages to companies of all sizes. 

Cost$0,07/word with a 24-hour delivery. 

Languages covered: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch,  English (British), Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese + 15more.

Website: Translate

2. BURG Translations

BURG Translations, Chicago, Illinois. More than 80 years of experience. Professional high-quality translation.

Cost: Project-Based Budget $1,000 or more

Website: Translation Services in Chicago | Translation Services (burgtranslations.com)

3. JR Language Translation Services

JR Language offers a wide array of language services and will partner with you to find an effective way to achieve your goals. With 100% customer satisfaction in mind, we work to effectively and accurately communicate your message around the world. 

Cost: Project-Based Budget $1,000 or more. 100+ different languages

Website: JR Language

4. Rapport International LLC

When you want to do multilingual lead generation and customer acquisition, you need a professional language specialist to clearly translate your message. They provide translation, interpretation, and supporting language services to help you meet your goals.

CostProject-Based Budget of ≤$1,000.

Website: Rapport Translations


A premier translation and localization provider of the user interface, documentation, and marketing materials for the IT, software development, legal, construction, and manufacturing industries.

Cost: Project-Based Budget $1,000 or more. They provide translations of technical materials into all major European and Asian languages. 


Premium Service Providers

1. TrueLanguage

TrueLanguage provides certified document translation services. 

Cost: Project-Based Budget $2,500 or more. 120 languages.

Website: True Language

2. Global Communication Solutions

Global Communication Solutions offers translation and localization services to companies of all sizes.

Cost: Project-Based Budget of $5K to $10K. In over 80 languages.

Website: Translations Austintx

3. Trusted Translations, Inc

Trusted Translations, Inc. is an internationally recognized leader in multilingual translation and interpretation services with over 10,000 expert linguists and over 5,000 satisfied clients.

Cost: Project-Based Budget of $2K to $5K. In over 50 languages.

Website: Trusted Translations, Inc

4. Tomedes

Professional translation services. 

Cost: Project-Based Budget of  ≤$5K. Over 85 languages.

Website: Tomedes

5. Dynamic Language

Dynamic Language provides professional translation services for business clients worldwide. 

Cost: Project-Based Budget $2,500 or more. Over 78 languages.

Website: Dynamic Language 

I guess by now you know that translation is not just a “ cinderella” task but one of the gateways to success, not just in the field of business, especially that of exporting, but also for the amazing trade fairs that you would never want to miss out because of the language barriers. The most important point being it is very important to think about it at the very beginning of your journey. Try to include it in your strategy and budget while starting up a business or before planning to visit or market yourself in the trade fairs.

Author : Shalini Singh (Marketing Associate), Ann Maria Dias