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How to Generate Quality Leads At Trade Fair

Trade shows are the best place to market your brand and sell your product. With a simple booth, some technological accessories, and selling charm, conventions offer simple, inexpensive ways to get your brand on the market. Trade exhibitions and shows bring you the opportunity to have face-to-face conversations with your buyers. In addition, personally handing out brochures, verbally explaining the product, and offering promotional products increases customer awareness about your company. This awareness could last year if you continue promotional contact and maintain a good client relationship. 

The following tips can help you to generate leads in a trade show :

1. Promote your presence at the trade show

The promotion of the trade show is important because the more you promote the show on your websites or any other social media handles, people will get to know about your presence and exactly where they can find you at the trade fair. If you have an email newsletter, get your readers interested. Encourage buyers to meet you there. A direct mail campaign targeted at current prospects and customers can effectively get more inquiries and traffic to your booth.

2. Take the right team with you

A trade show is a sales opportunity so sending your salesperson is necessary. Some companies will staff their booth with models, administrative assistants, or interns. Don't make that mistake. Some of the best leads you're likely to find will be at the event. You can also provide smart tools to your merchants so they can instantly find details about any of the displayed products with a quick QR code scan. You can generate QR codes for all your products in bulk & use the mobile app to capture buyer contacts and also the products they showed interest in. It also gets saved as a draft catalogue so you can send it to the buyer in under 5 minutes. Book a free demo to learn more about it.

3. Understand the theme of the trade show

There are some theme-based trade shows. The advantages of themes are that you get a hint of what your booth should be like. For example, if it's a Christmas theme trade show like Christmas World, then use specific holiday-themed booth decor. Although each booth will be more or less similar at a themed trade show, you can still stand out from the other exhibitors by using latest technology at your booth.

4. Keep trade fair booth simple & attractive

Your trade show booth design does not have to be flashy or over-the-top as long as it fits your brand and the message you want to communicate. Keep your messaging simple and straightforward. Attendees are overwhelmed with messages while they walk through the exhibit hall, so you need to be precise and targeted in presenting your company. 

5. Follow-ups after trade fair are a must

It doesn't matter how many emails or business cards you collected at the trade show. When you get back to the office, follow up promptly with all your leads to keep the conversation going and the potential deal warm. Leads left unattended will quickly grow cold, and they'll either forget you or get occupied by the competition, who may be a little faster in communicating than you.

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Author: Shalini Singh (Marketing Associate), Riya Yadav