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Top 4 Reasons to Have a Website as an Exporter

With changing times buyers are adopting new ways for their sourcing & procurement needs. Through the enhancement of the digital era, buyers now have a lot of choices; they can check out hundreds of sellers online before making any final decision.

Now, we don't want to scare you with the competition. We want to convey that if you are not present online, you are not even part of this competition. According to a survey done by Deloitte, export businesses that enhanced themselves digitally over the period of time,

  1. Have earned twice as much as revenue per employee
  2. Revenue growth increased by four times, whereas the average employment growth rate jumped more than six times.
  3. On top of all that, their export sales increased by three times.

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All this was made possible for those businesses by having an online presence. Having your own website has its benefits, and these combined with online marketing strategies, ultimately give you more leads.

In this article, we’ll cover the following reasons to have a website for your export business:

  • Build an Online Presence for Your Export Business
  • Build Credibility & Trust With Overseas Buyers
  • Generate More Inbound Leads
  • Increase Reach to International Markets

Along with that, tips for building a successful website:

  • Mobile-Friendly Website Design
  • Maintain Online Business Directory
  • Clear Call-to-Action Buttons
  • Regularly Updating Your Export Business Website

1. Build an Online Presence for Your Export Business - Before it's too late

According to the State of Procurement study, 94 percent of B2B buyers conduct research online before making a purchase decision. And 30% of the clients won't buy from a business that has no website. In short, having an online presence allows you to attract more clients.

2. Build Credibility & Trust With Overseas Buyers - Will you purchase from someone you don't trust?

Having a website gives you more validity. Having testimonials, previous client reactions, all help to build trust. According to Digital Buzz, 77% of online buyers read reviews before making any purchase. The easier you make for buyers to learn about your business, the more likely they are to reach out to you.

3. Generate More Inbound Leads - Make buyers come to you

When you have a website, you can increase its visibility on Google or other search engines by posting content that your buyers are already searching for. Couple that with Inbound marketing & it can help create awareness about your export business in your network & industry. 

Recall your buyer’s top needs from previous interactions & address them in the content you make for your website. This will ultimately lead to more organic traffic, i.e., getting discovered by more international clients. 

4. Increase Reach to International Markets - Showcase your products in the best way.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, have their constraints as they don’t give you the flexibility to show your products in the best light.

Social media can help you get more leads but solely depending on them will be a poor choice. Also, a lot of buyers from older generations are not as active on social media, you should take the opportunity to convert them by creating your own website.

Now that we’ve understood the importance of having a website, here are a few points that you need to keep in mind while creating a website for your export-import business:

1. Make Sure your Website is Mobile-Friendly
A mobile site is a site that is modified to fit a user’s mobile device & is easy to navigate without the user needing to zoom in or adjust their settings manually.

Did you know that if users find accessing your website difficult through mobile, 61% of them will not return? Google data further shows that 40% of those users might end up visiting your competitor's website.

2. Maintain Online Business Directory

Once the client is on your website, it's your responsibility to show & sell your products to them. Maintain a directory of all the SKUs (stock keeping unit) you carry in each category. Even if you don’t display all your designs online, your buyers will still have an idea of the total designs they can demand from you.

3. Clear Call-to-Action Buttons - Or risk losing 70% leads

Call-to-action is an essential thing on your website. Around 70% of consumers say that a call to action (CTA) on the homepage or page of their choice prompts them to buy the respective goods/services.

4. Regularly Updating Your Export Business Website

Following all the above points but not updating your website on a timely basis might result in your website getting ranked lower on google’s results page, as your competitors keep publishing fresh content.

Keeping a tab on the industry and updating yourself accordingly is very crucial to sustain yourself in the market. So, make a note to share your new product catalogues to give your buyers a sneak peek into your latest collections.

By building a website for your export business, you give buyers more reasons to trust you as a legitimate source to fulfill their needs. Striking for a stronger digital presence can help you establish a brand for your export business & increase engagement with your buyers worldwide.

Author : Shalini Singh, Marketing Associate